Early formulation

Early formulation

Research programs are full of examples where the PK profile, tolerance, oral bioavailability or efficacy results have been significantly biased due to poor dosing vehicles or protocols used for performing in vivo studies. The frequent consequences of badly addressing these issues early enough is the need for additional in vivo studies, project delays and the resulting significant extra R&D costs. Because in vivo experiments are so critical for project teams to make relevant decisions, Drugabilis helps its clients and partners in conducting these studies right the first time.

 Enabling formulations for early discovery

Early discovery compounds are far from being optimised from the biopharmaceutical point of view. However, they are often the only tools available for performing early in vivo proof-of-concept studies. We design enabling formulations for performing the key early pivotal studies and for more rapidly passing the first key milestones of research projects.

 Late discovery and early development formulations

Designing the right formulations for anticipating the way a compound would behave, if selected as a new drug candidate and when formulated in a true dosage form, and for identifying high drug load formulations that can allow reaching the required high exposures in tox studies are two frequent types of requests we have to address.

 Phase 1 formulation screenings

New drug candidates are not always ideal compounds for their biopharmaceutical profile. When engaging in preclinical development studies of non-optimal compounds, it is good to know what drug delivery option best suits the compound profile. We have developed small scale methodologies for providing evidence concerning what to decide.

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