All drugability services

Expertise and support

Scientific and technical advice for customised pharmaceutical drugability strategies

At Drugabilis, we try to be more than a simple research service providers. From hit to lead, and from lead to drug candidate and further, working with Drugabilis gives you access to years of experience in building pharmaceutical drugability strategies for early R&D projects.

We are therefore positioned to offer a premium service package for interested companies who decide to bring Drugabilis onboard into their research team in the long run…

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Experimental studies

Dedicated experimental capabilities for building your pharmaceutical drugability

Modern drug candidates must show strong physicochemical and biopharmaceutical profiles, consistent with rationale and industrial drug delivery options. Since its foundation, Drugabilis has developed specialized experimental methodologies for measuring relevant physicochemical parameters for early bulks and for designing customized early formulations that will enable the fastest selection of highly-druggable compounds together with their most suitable drug delivery options.

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Building a true strategy about your pharmaceutical drugability