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Modern drug candidates must show strong physicochemical and biopharmaceutical profiles, consistent with rationale and industrial drug delivery options. Since its foundation, Drugabilis has developed specialized experimental methodologies for measuring relevant physicochemical parameters for early bulks and for designing customized early formulations that will enable the fastest selection of highly-druggable compounds together with their most suitable drug delivery options.

Our early-R&D dedicated platform combined with proper experimental micro-methods is available for supporting an increasing number of drug discovery programs, for all dosing routes, research stages and therapeutic areas, from Idea to Phase 1.

 Phys-chem profiling

The Biopharmaceutical profile of a given compound is largely influenced by its physicochemical properties. At Drugabilis, we routinely characterise…

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 Early formulation

Research programs are full of examples where the PK profile, tolerance, oral bioavailability or efficacy results have been significantly biased due to poor dosing vehicles…

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 Solid state optimisation

Early characterisation of Discovery bulks often helps identifying critical milestones to be included into the drug candidate preclinical development plan…

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