Phys-chem profiling

Phys-chem profiling and physical characterisation

The Biopharmaceutical profile of a given compound is largely influenced by its physicochemical properties, which always refers to a given solid state of the material. At Drugabilis, we routinely characterise the phys-chem properties and physical characteristics of research compounds and APIs. These properties and characteristics are critical at all stages of the research process for securing the selection of druggable compounds and later on accelerating their preclinical development phases.

 Early phys-chem screenings

Early physicochemical properties of interest for pharmaceutical drugability can only be evaluated with very small bulk quantities available at the first stages of research. Our small-scale methodologies allow rapid assessment of these specific properties in the correct way, in order to be able to quickly bring forward relevant data to help select the best chemical series and compounds at the in vitro stage.

 Phys-chem for drugability

When it comes to lead optimisation and drug candidate selection, physicochemical properties cannot be decorrelated from minimal physical characterisations of the solid state of the studied bulks. We therefore start combining at that stage small scale methodologies for assessing the first few physical characteristics of interest, to the measured physicochemical properties, but also taking into account the desired Target Product Profile.

 Drug candidate characterisation

When launching the preclinical development studies for a new drug candidate, the physicochemical and physical properties of the available bulk must be precisely characterised. Solubility and stability profiles of the API, as well as the impact of the API solid state on them or on the chosen drug delivery options are studied in our labs and are fully described.

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