Expertise and support

Scientific and technical advice
for customised pharmaceutical drugability strategies

At Drugabilis, we try to be more than a simple research service providers. From hit to lead, and from lead to drug candidate and further, working with Drugabilis gives you access to years of experience in building pharmaceutical drugability strategies for early R&D projects.

We are therefore positioned to offer a premium service package for interested companies who decide to bring Drugabilis onboard into their research team in the long run, for building a true pharmaceutical drugability strategy all along for their R&D programs. This full-service package combines 3 levels of support provided by Drugabilis.

 Scientific advice

We help our clients by clarifying all the steps for building their own pharmaceutical drugability strategy.

 Technological choices

We advise our clients on the available technological options they could use to address the specific pharmaceutical drugability related issues met by their research programs.

 CRO-CDMO networking

As a member of a broad CRO-CDMO network we can make suggestions about where our clients could find the required complementary companies and experts.

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